CD duplication toronto

Go Hollywood or go home

Go Hollywood or go home

Prices by the plant make buying 1,000 units more attractive than multiples of 100. The plant is “Gang Printing” your job with 10 other jobs on the same printing press. This very large press runs 1,000 time for all the jobs on it. So if you order 500 they are not stopping the press because the other jobs on the run are for 1,000. So the price for 500 jewel case packaging and 1,000 is only $295 (CDN) for twice as many packaged PRESSED cds

cd duplication toronto

200 CDs, with are BURNED not pressed are $518 or $347 from getting twice as many PRESSED not burned. 300 CDs $672 or $193 from getting twice as many PRESSED CDs. So you are better off getting runs of 100 cds for promo, and if you run out come back from another 100. If you are doing retail CDs 1,000 makes for a better deal


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