How To Make CDs Send Files Upload Files

How To Make CDs Send Files Upload Files

1) First use this form to get a quote for your job and shipping
CD Job Form or Records Form

The info below should be put in your form = Fill This Form In

We first need your basic information
Your Name, Your Groups Name, Name of CD
Shipping Address, Phone, Fax Number, E-mail, Web Site

Type of project?
1) Electronic graphic files,
proofs, folded dummy

How  many CDs? 1,000 etc.;CDs only project;
CD-ROM (data);Biz Card

Type of paper printing (inserts or book) ie: One fold In Full Colour
How many pages? In colour?

Clear  Tray In Jewel Cases?

Records  needed?

2) You will get a reply to theses forms in a form of an email. Use this email to send files. We do not have a upload link on our site. Rather you use a free site (no log in) called .Where you send to our email address 

3) The audio must be in the DDP format 

4) Your Art Temps are here
Terms of FREE Graphic Art Service
300 dpi PDF
Direct on-CD printing
(disc label)
CMYK (4-color)

5) We will at no charge give you a proof of your job
We need your ok

6) Will send out the legal proof from the recording studio. You are required to ok this — The audio must be in the DDP format 

7) Need 50% deposit before we can start. Use E-Transfer or call on the phone with your credit card
Our refund terms

8) Job is sent in and an estimate of 5-7 days for completion 

Paul @ 416-693-9413
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We pay to make them – you make the profit

Our Address us dbs
15 Hubbard Blvd
Suite 12
Toronto, Ont.,
M4E 1A2

ATT: Paul Murton