Band Manager Toronto Canada

Band Manager Toronto Canada

Often creative minds are not the best at computer nerds stuff. So let us help you out. Here’s what we can do:

1) Run your Reverbnation Site
Reverbnation Se tUp and management

2) Get you digitally disturbed

3) Shoot Videos Of Your Band and run your video account on youTube
Free Music Videos¬†For DBSduplication’s customers


4) Run Your Facebook Like Page

Our Facebook

5) Make a radio station for your band mixed with other artists

6) Manage Your BandCamp Site

7) Manager your TWITTER Account
Tweets by @MusiceventsGTA

8) Run a custom web site for you

9) Promote your music in the
local press

10) Write A BIO for your band EPK for Your Band – Here’s a¬†Sample

11) T-shirts and CDs

12) Run your MySpace Site


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