Short Run CD Duplication Toronto

Short Run CD Duplication Toronto

These are  “burned” CD-Rs. Prices based on payment by Credit Card P.O. terms available. Pressed CDs are available.  We accept MASTERCARD, VISA and if you must AMEX. Graphic art terms must be met or extra costs will billable.

The main cost and look of the disc is controlled by the printing

Here’s the types
A) Colour InkJet ( colour are not solid )
B) Silk Screen (as in real cds) Has solid colours.
looks like the real thing Same stye as “Silk Screen T-Shirts”
C) Offset full colour print ( like printing on paper )

And these printing formats have different turn times
Colour InkJet ( colour are not solid ) 1-3 Days
Silk Screen + Offset full colour print = 5-7 Days (Rush $120.00 = 3 days)

With Special on 100 CDRs with InkJet 30% Colour print = $0.99 each (no solid colours) No packaging Turn 3 Days

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