2022 Prices 4 Panel Digipak (S-Wrap)

4 Panel Digipak (S-Wrap) (August)

# Unit Total
25 14.35 358.75
50 8.25 412.5
100 4.63 463
200 3.33 666
250 3.34 835
300 3.12 936
500 2.36 1,180.00
1000 1.96 1,960.00
2000 1.55 3,100.00

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DVD Video Prices

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Go Hollywood or go home

Go Hollywood or go home

Prices by the plant make buying 1,000 units more attractive than multiples of 100. The plant is “Gang Printing” your job with 10 other jobs on the same printing press. This very large press runs 1,000 time for all the jobs on it. So if you order 500 they are not stopping the press because the other jobs on the run are for 1,000. So the price for 500 jewel case packaging and 1,000 is only $295 (CDN) for twice as many packaged PRESSED cds

cd duplication toronto

200 CDs, with are BURNED not pressed are $518 or $347 from getting twice as many PRESSED not burned. 300 CDs $672 or $193 from getting twice as many PRESSED CDs. So you are better off getting runs of 100 cds for promo, and if you run out come back from another 100. If you are doing retail CDs 1,000 makes for a better deal


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Digipak Cardboard Sleeve Price

Digipak Cardboard Sleeve Price

digi pac


A 5 inch Cardboard with shrink-wrap Pocket
B Digipack 4-panel 1CD
C Cardboard Wallet with shrink wrap

Use This Template For Cardboard Wallet
Use This Digi Pak
Use This  5 Inch

Made by an SONY authorized plant in Canada



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Your USA Dollar Saves 40% on CD Duplication

Your USA Dollar Saves 40% on CD Duplication

It’s the magic of currency exchange! Canada’s dollar is much lower than the USA dollar. See current exchange. Your USA Dollar buys more CD Duplication Toronto, but we get paid our regular price. Good deal on CD Duplication for you, good deal for us. 

Even better there is NO TAXES

You are buying with your AMEX, MasterCard or VISA CD Duplication Canada. The purchase is in Canada. Normally there would be a border duty to discourage buy from another country. But the FREE TRADE ACT means Your USA Dollar Saves 40% on CD Duplication. There is no border duty on CD replication Toronto Canada.

So Save 40% Pay no taxes or border duty
Here’s some prices for cd pressing, Digipak

Your quality of CD Duplication Toronto is backed up and guaranteed by your bank’s credit card. So VISA, MasterCard
would refund you money if the product is not amazing quality.



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Cd duplication toronto

Cd duplication toronto since 1998. We can ship to any location in North America. Below is a map of our location. You need to call first, as we are not always at this location. Hopefully a map has shown up. If not you can google  15 Hubbard Blvd. Toronto, ON M4E 1A2. We do 100 dvd Short Run dvd Duplication Toronto, and 100 CDs Short Run CD along with runs of 1,000 CD replication. Prices are here for jewel cases. You can get a quote here. Just for fun i’m going to add mapQuest. Please call first — would hate to miss you


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CD Duplication Toronto Video

CD Duplication Toronto Video

CD Duplication in CANADA

CD Duplication in CANADA

Hi Canada, It’s Paul from dbsDuplication.com, This portion of our site features supplies available, to facilitate making you, and your business stand out from the others at your next trade show. Generate a memorable and distinguishable impression, with our exceptionally unique products. These products have been proven to enhance greater interest, while leaving a more memorable and lasting impression. We have produced over 500 CD duplication jobs since 1998. Below please find a list of some of our products that enhance and work well, as “hand-outs” at trade shows.

Business Card CDs $1.14
Put your web site or a “PDF” of your catalogue on a CD shaped like a business card. Standard business card size: 2 inches by 3.5 inches, printed in full colour, fully packaged and cased in a clear plastic sleeve. We can place 40 MB of company data related to your business, product line and pricing, or whatever info you like on these CD come business cards. These CD’s are made in Canada and professionally replicated, NOT “Burned”.

CD-ROMs $0.49
A more economical option, but with the CD you gain much more space to plonk your business data and product info on. Have these CD’s available to pass out to potential customers , or clients as it were, to take away, (not everyone has internet access). Think of these CD’s as “Electronic Sears Catalogues” if you will. A great idea for Trade Shows! The CD’s have 750 MB of storage for your company or business data. They look great and are quite unique. Price includes 2 silk-screened colours, (packaging extra). Made in Canada these CD’s are duplicated and manufactured professionally, NOT CD-R

DVDs $0.99
A step up from CD, but “WOW” so much more storage for your data, or perhaps a video of your company or business can be placed on our DVD-5 line. Full colour surface on the DVD. The data size is 4.1 GB, allowing 2 hours of video recording , (packaging extra). Made in Canada our DVD-5 are duplicated and manufactured professionally, NOT DVD-R

Do it yourself $0.83
Alternately, and another possibility or option: we can have the surface of any “blank” CD-R printed with your logo, (or whatever you like), in full colour. Then you simply burn copies for yourself as needed! Made In Canada, (professionally silk-screen printed at plant).

Only Need 100 Copies?
We will burn both CD-R and DVD-R. Supplied with colour ink-jet print = $1.00 each 100 DVD-5R’s with colour ink-jet = $1.25 each . Made In Canada!

Regular Retail Ready CDs $1.00
Our typical music CD project. Made In Canada and manufactured professionally!

Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Paul Murton at:
416-693-9413 EXT 100
E-Mail Me

Facebook Page Toronto Duplication

Facebook Page Toronto Duplication