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Toronto Duplication VS Real Pressed CDS

Toronto Duplication VS Real Pressed CDS

For those of us who have “burned” an audio CD, we will have noted that the software program does not go back and check to see if the audio was copied correctly. If you are in the data mode it does verify the data. Without checking the “audio” data these burned CD’s will skip and not be readable by other CD players.The politics of this software omission is that the government required a method to discourage “pirate CD’s”. The only legal use for your CD burner is to back up data. Therefore, the software checks and correctly writes data only. This applies to all software.There is on the market place a burner that will copy “audio” data correctly but it’s over priced and comes with special discs that are encoded. These encoded discs run about $7.00 which discourages their use. Burning “audio” on a data burner results in a 65%—85% success rate. Most “CD-R” duplicating companies do not advertise that they are using “data” burning drives to burn audio.However these units do duplicate data correctly in short runs.

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